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Raw Nature Deodorant Stick 50g - Get Lucky

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A favourite unisex scent - fresh citrus combined with‚ sweet‚ spring flowers. You'll definitely feel lucky wearing this scent.

This natural‚ deodorant delivers odour protection while targeting the bacteria that causes it in the first place. It contains tapioca starch and‚ magnesium‚ to absorb moisture, and a unique blend of essential oils, including New Zealand Manuka oil which is chosen for their antimicrobial benefits.‚ Perfect‚ for on-the-go use,‚ it‚ glides on easily, leaving you feeling‚ dry and ready for the day.‚ 

Time to rethink using the supermarket aluminium-based antiperspirant and give your body some love!

100% natural origin ingredients (you can eat most of them - but please don't)

Aluminium Salt-Free



Toxin | Sulfate | Paraben Free

Lasts all day

Cardboard (biodegradable) packaging